Wealth Advisor

After graduating Boise State University with a BS in Political Science I put my degree straight to work managing, operating and owning varies companies in the construction field.

Feeling unfulfilled with my path, I had a chance meeting and found myself pivoting into the wealth advisory world.  I started at Northwestern Mutual in the broker dealer model, but as my knowledge and practice expanded, I felt confined with what could be offered to my clients.

I moved into the fiduciary RIA model with Legacy Wealth Management where I found a group that embraces risk management and loss avoidance beyond just insurance type products.

And the end of the day I want clients to be an extension of my family where we discuss the heart of their fears, their values and what’s important to them so that I can effectively provide financial life planning without taking unacceptable risks.

Additional Info:

Fantasy Job: Professional Surfer…what I’m doing is a close second.

Secret Talent: Ski Boat Driver

Favorite Vacation: The next one

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Best Financial Advice Ever Received: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered

Describe Your Personality In One Sentence: Calm

Place You’d Most Like To Visit: Anywhere warm that I haven’t been

Item On Your Bucket List: Drive Formula 1 Car Full Speed

Biggest Accomplishment: Raising my kids.